Jobs are the various styles of life characters choose to take on as the primary influence behind the Job Traits they develop. Job Traits are important because they illustrate the style of fighting your character knows, their talents when it comes to sailing, or doctoring, and things like what Items they’ve learned to Craft. There are combat oriented Jobs and support or creation minded Jobs. There are even obscure Jobs that blend the realms and extend access to combat, support, and creation types of Job Traits. The following are examples of Jobs and ideas of Job Traits, fighting styles and crafts they’d understandably allow a character to develop.

Swordsman:3-Sword Proficiency: User is proficient in using 3 swords to fight at a time. Santoryu

Flying Slash: By swinging the sword with sufficient force and speed, this creates a powerful pressure in the form of a compressed air blade, allowing the swordsman to cut things from a distance.

Doctor:First Aid: The knowledge and expertise to administer aid that can sustain and/or bring wounds to begin healing. This Trait can develop to a point it could be considered surgery, because of how extensive and severe the wounds it has the potential to treat.

Scalpel Proficiency: Character has enough skill to use a scalpel as a combat tool.

Toxicology: Character can craft poisons and create antidotes.

Pharmacist: Character can craft various vaccines, medicines, drugs, and vitamins.

NavigatorNavigation: Character has the capacity to plot routes and sail vessels to successfully navigate the seas.

Helmsmen: Character can translate knowledge of Navigation through their Strength & Power attribute by grappling the ropes and binds of a ship to manipulate its sails. This allows them to steer or assist in sailing a vessel.

Meteorology: Knowledge of weather to the point one can forecast it. Reroll Weather Dice on rolls of certain severity.

Art of Weather: Through use of their Meteorology knowledge and a proper tool, the character extends their knowledge of weather into manipulating weather itself.

MusicianGuitar: Skilled at playing the guitar for musical effects and using it physically as a weapon for skills.

Vocals: Skilled at using ones vocals for musical effects and using it sonically as a weapon for skills.

CookKnife Proficiency: Character’s skill with a knife reduces crafting requirements for cooking and allows for knife based combat.

Patissier (Pastry Chef): Character’s pastry and baking knowledge lets them make breads, cake, pies, tarts, etc.

Poissonier (Fish Chef): Character’s fish knowledge allows them to cook a variety of fish dishes likes soups, steaks of fish, shellfish, etc.

ShipwrightShipbuilding: Character can build a variety of ships.

Rope Action: Character’s skill with ropes allows for them to reduce crafting requirements for ships and use ropes as weapons in combat.

Anchor Combat: Character’s familiarity with anchors allows for them to use them as a weapon in combat.

HunterLeatherworking: Character can make items such as armors out of the hides of animals.

Bow Proficiency: Character is skilled at using a bow and arrow in combat.

Knife Proficiency: Character can use a knife to skin hides and reduce crafting requirement for Wobb Jobseekers Leatherworking, and use a knife in combat.

CowboyPistol Proficiency: Character is skilled at using a pistol in combat.

Rope Action: Character is skilled at using ropes as a weapon to tangle up and subdue targets.

Rifle Proficiency: Character is skilled at using a rifle in combat.

Critter Cooking: Cook rustic meals from familiar critters like desert rodents, snakes, and birds.

FighterMan Demon Tactics: A savage style of fighting where the character adopts the mindset and strength of a demon.

Life Force: Character has the capacity to make use their Life Force.

Regen: Character can uses their Life Force to make their body regenerate from damage quicker.

GunslingerPistol Proficiency: Character is skilled at using pistols in combat.

Rifle Proficiency: Character is skilled at using rifles in combat.

Cannon Proficiency: Character is skilled at using cannons in combat.


Job Ranks are letter grades assigned to reflect potential a Job has based on its flexibility from the Job Traits it offers. There are four Job Ranks: C, B, A, and S. These deliberately mirror the Character Ranks and call for a character’s Rank to exceed or be equal to the Rank of their Job. It’s nice to make a well rounded and versatile Job, but you’ll have to pay for it in the amount of effort you put into your character. Create realistic, balanced, and fun Jobs, attempting to cram as much “potential” as possible into a Job won’t get you far.


Name: Tribesmen

Background: The user grew up in a tribe of jungle dwellers where they survived by hunting and gathering. They use a variety of tools to hunt like spears and bows, and also use things like berries and herbs for food and medicines.

Combat Potential: Spear combat and bow and arrow combat.

Non-Combat Potential: Cooking wild animals and berries, crafting from animal remains, gathering materials, creating herbal remedies for ailments.

[b]Name:[/b] (Self Explanatory)

[b]Background:[/b] (How the job ties into your character’s lore. What made them take up this lifestyle? What do people with this Job do? What tools and materials do they use to accommodate the life style? Show us why it should have the traits you desire.)

[b]Combat Potential:[/b] (Examples of what combat minded traits and general capabilities you plan for it to grant you down the road.)

[b]Non-Combat Potential:[/b] (Examples of what support and creation minded traits and general capabilities you plan for it to grant you down the road.)

Lastly, Jobs do not confine your character’s to only being able to take on Traits associated with the Job. Characters can always learn new Traits whether it fits their background or not, Jobs just help us grasp who your character is at the start of their journey and give them a few Job Traits to begin with.